Davis Lee Jahncke, Jr., A.I.A.

When Mr. Jahncke was working as an architectural draftsman in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1970, a construction and dredging company his great grandfather started a century before was closing its doors in New Orleans. This same company that brought its concrete patent over from Germany was also the first to put in sidewalks and streets in the Crescent City. It would also leave behind a name that would eventually become associated with classic leading architectural design.

However, that time was still a few years away. Back in New Orleans Mr. Jahncke would work with several local firms before establishing Davis Lee Jahncke, Jr., Architect as a sole proprietorship. Much of the work then was residential where he demonstrated a creative interest, along with some early commercial projects. In 1980 a school friend, Edward C. Spooner, joined the firm as a partner and for the next ten years the organization took on more commercial and government work.


In 1990 Mr. Jahncke was again sole owner, and in 1993 Harvey Burns introduced himself to the firm. Thirteen years later the group officially became Jahncke & Burns Architects.

Mr. Jahncke has a Bachelor of Architecture (1967), a Master of Business Administration (1973) and a Master of Architecture (2003). Mr. Jahncke is licensed in Louisiana and has a strong knowledge of traditional and restorative architecture. A life-long enthusiast of old and historic buildings, Mr. Jahncke has an impressive resume composed of restoration work and has used his talents to establish an equally distinguished portfolio of new and innovative designs.

Professional Organizations:
American Institute of Architects
Louisiana Architects Association
New Orleans Chapter, A.I.A.


Davis Lee Jahncke, Jr., A.I.A.