Located in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, Jahncke & Burns Architects is a well-established architectural firm with a solid reputation in historic renovation, restoration and adaptive reuses as well as traditional and modern design. Architectural planning, master planning and full design services complement its portfolio of work, particularly in the areas of residential, commercial, institutional, schools, restaurants, museums, government and churches. The Jahncke signature has serviced with dedication and distinction its Louisiana and Gulf Coast clients for over three decades, helping to interpret and refine client needs and objectives.

With a family history that goes back to 1872, the Jahncke name is a familiar one in New Orleans and surrounding parishes. The earlier Jahncke Architects was originally known for its strong, traditional architectural designs and earned a respectful following with such clients as the Historic New Orleans Collection, Trinity Church & School, Galatoire’s, McGehee School, to name
a few.


Today, Jahncke & Burns works in a more balanced and integrated manner. It still pays attention to past designs but now enjoys a fuller modernistic approach as it applies and reinterprets these techniques to newer and larger assignments.

Regardless of the method, the end result of any Jahncke & Burns project is a well functioning, quality design that works to enhance the human experience. A full service organization, Jahncke & Burns will continually engage all its resources and vast experience to understand its clients’ needs-and then completely satisfy those expectations. With a distinguished list of proud accomplishments, this award-winning firm has been a leading choice when it comes to new design, restoration, detail and sustained, long-term client relationships.


Jahncke & Burns Office Building