It goes without saying that to do quality restoration one must also know the history of architecture. That does not necessarily define the architect as a traditionalist. It does imply however, that good architecture incorporates all components, experiences and styles of its field and from all periods.

At Jahncke & Burns, that is exactly what this New Orleans organization does. From programming, conceptual design, schematic design, design/development, construction documentation and finally construction administration, the firm will undertake any renovation, restoration or new construction and satisfy every phase, from client consultation through project completion. Whether old construction or new, the process, execution and commitment to quality will be performed with the same, professional Jahncke & Burns standards.

Moreover, what makes Jahncke & Burns unique is the expertise and experience it brings to each one of these phases.


Because of its vast experience, Jahncke & Burns will strive to merge older era designs and proportions into modern architecture in much of its work. Still, with the respect the company has for the past, it is equally enthusiastic about new age architectural design. This plays into the firm’s zeal to tackle bigger and even more complex projects, thereby expanding and extending its capabilities.

The transition from simple, restoration work to more complicated assignments has been an ongoing, fulfilling process as the firm takes its talents in new directions. From modern schools, institutional facilities, restaurants and museums to churches, government, commercial and residential work, Jahncke & Burns applies the same tools it did when it first opened its doors. The major difference now, and what separates Jahncke & Burns from most other firms, is that these professionals will really never close the door on the past. Instead, they will continue to open brighter and more innovative doors to the future.


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