Harvey George Burns, A.I.A.

As a young art student in Columbus, OH, Mr. Burns transferred into architectural technology when he realized that the field of architecture was “a more practical form of art.” In fact, while in technical school Mr. Burns worked in architecture offices and has remained in the field ever since as a lead designer in both modern and traditional architecture.

In 1984 Mr. Burns received his Bachelor of Sciences in Architecture from Ohio State University. That same summer he enrolled at Oxford University in England for A Summer Study of the English Culture. Back in the states, and after several years as an intern, Mr. Burns worked for the Pentagon in Washington, D.C, as a senior architect. During that time he also earned his Master of Architecture from OSU. Soon thereafter he joined the Florida National Guard and was employed as a supervisory architect. While in the Guard Mr. Burns received his architectural registered license and worked a second job as an attack helicopter pilot.


In 1993 Mr. Burns arrived in New Orleans, joined Jahncke Architects as a principal associate, and eventually became a full partner with the firm. Since that time his reputation has grown along with his zeal for innovative, complex designs. Mr. Burns shares the same passion for historic and restorative architecture as does Davis Jahncke. Still, he is always looking ahead to bigger projects with multiple components that will allow him to explore more fully the contemporary and experimental fields of his art. This, he feels, will help him improve the lifestyles and home environments of his clients, which is the goal of every Jahncke & Burns project-ultimate client satisfaction.

Mr. Burns is licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas and Florida and is a member of the following professional organizations:

American Institute of Architects
Louisiana Architects Association
New Orleans Chapter, A.I.A.
Construction Specification Institute
Preservation Resource Center
International Building Code Congress International, Inc.


Harvey George Burns, A.I.A.